We provide specialized services of clinical and forensic psichology, in Spanish, English  and French, through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and ethical system, conformed by professionals of excellence through vanguardist diagnostic and therapeutic methods, to provide benefit to patients and their families to improve their quality of life and their environment.

english psychologist Las RozasIn Vértices Psicólogos we believe the personal characteristics the therapist owns are fundamental in the final result of the treatment. Therefore, we have selected a team of professionals with a set of features to facilitate the therapeutic alliance between therapist and patient, as they are, the emotional balance, common sense, lack of rigidity and genuine desire to help.

In Vértices Psicólogos, we follow a continuous updating process of knowledge and professional practices, with the aim of providing an excellent service to those who consult us, to meet the requirements of being and feel good.

If you are a human being in search of growth, evolution, prosperity and peace, our methodology is a path may lead to achieving your goals. Rather than give you recipes, we to share with you how to create change. We want to teach you to co-create with your environment the solutions and alternative realities you need to achieve your wellness.

Aproach of the Theraphy

Our programs focus on personal and professional therapist development, using an Integrative Perspective that combines the most effective ideas and strategies in the field of the therapy outpost, with science-based cognitive-behavioral , systemic-constructions and gestalt, with more than 50 years of international advance and 20 years of clinical research, adapted to our cultural reality.

english therapy Las RozasThe change you get is a result of this wonderful art of make therapy. The success that you reach is not a simply miracle happens haphazardly. It is a miracle with full confidence and consciousness you cause it happens day to day. Through this therapeutic model we want to share with you this great and useful truth. We want to help you, focussing your attention in what you own to obtain it.

The application of contemporary therapeutic approaches such as Integrative Perspective, allows the prevention and effective solution, in few sessions, the most common difficulties of people and their families, respecting and reinforcing their values and healthy resources.

Sometimes, difficulties and problems appear in our lives that prevent us to develop it of the wished form, producing loads of emotional distress and generating suffering. In such situations, it is advisable to go to a professional psychologist that, in first instance, diagnoses the origins of the distress, on which factors depends and the reasons why the person was unable to resolve without professional help.

The encouragement generates the knowledge that one owns a difficulty instead of a great problem and be classified as ordinary people, far from abnormal or problematic, gives power to whom it is for life in the quest for change.